Zoho and Twilio SMS Integration. How to setup Outbound SMS
Setup Outgoing SMS
Setup Zoho CRM and Twilio Integration
in three simple steps
Step 1. Setup Zoho App
To setup the Zoho App (the Zoho Twilio SMS Integration Plug in, Zoho calls it Extension) you should follow the installation link you got from email from us. If you do not have the link please click Get On Free Trial here


Step 2. Enter Credentials

During the installation the Zoho pluign you'll be asked to enter Sender Number, SID, Token from Twilio

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No worries - you can get all the information from
here https://www.twilio.com/console

Then please copy your Sender Number, SID, Token into Zoho extension fields above

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Step 3. Setup outgoing SMS Message field and send a test sms

Setup a field for Contacts (or/and Leads) in CRM which you can use for sending outgoing SMS

Let's do this for Contacts first.
For this Go to the Contacts page here

And then click on any Contact (no matters which one),
and click on Customize Business Card

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After this move two fields – both Mobile and Send SMS Message from Available to Selected tab as per screen shot and press the Save button.

Send your first test sms

Here you go
you can open any test contact here https://crm.zoho.com/crm/tab/Contacts/
enter your own mobile and try your first SMS:

What if I use Trial Twilio Account?
That's fine but you need to add the number your send your test sms to Verified Caller IDs list before you send your first sms to this number.

When you upgrade your Twilio account to a Paid version, you can send sms to any numbers without adding them to the list of course.
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