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Drip Marketing for Zoho CRM
If you have Zoho CRM, you can use different solutions for Drip Marketing campaigns. Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaign or 3rd party solutions like Reply.IO - what's better to choose? Please see below a comparison table
Zoho CRM
Zoho Campaign
Drip Campaign
Campaign Steps
Auto-Move To The Next Step
Campaing Steps Visual Statistic
Auto-stop Emailing if someone submitted a webform
Auto-stop Emailing if someone replied
Fully Automated: Set & Forget
Zoho Apps Only
Least Expensive
Most Expensive
Unlimited Emails
Email Servers
Zoho CRM
Zoho Campaign
3rd Party (Gmail, Office365)
How Does It Look in Reply.IO?
You just setup a drip campaign and add steps into the campaign. Say:
Step 1. Send the 1st email at this time
Step 2. If no reply in 2 Days - send the 2nd email
Step 3. If no reply in 2 Days - ... etc - just click 'Create New Step'

Looks intuitive..a

Then you can easily see the current state for each recipient: Delivered, Opens, Replied etc.
How Does It Look in Zoho CRM?
In Zoho CRM in looks similar.
Not so intuivite as in Reply.IO,
but you can create a campaign (workflow) and its steps (scheduled actions) see on the sceen at the right

How Does It Look in Zoho Campaigns?
In Zoho Campaigns you cannot setup Drip Campaing steps directly. Each Campaign in Zoho Campaigns is just one-step Campaign where you send a email to recipients. When you need to send a second email - you create a 2nd campaign with filtered recipients. For example, you'll include into this 2nd campaign only people who neither replied nor registered on your webinar etc. Not so intuivite as well but works

if you like to keep the cost for automaion as low as possible -
you would use Zoho CRM or Zoho Campaign.

If you like to get fully-automated process -
you could add 3rd party apps like Reply.IO
Click here to learn more abou it.

Please feel free to contact us
if any of these options should be clarified.