Xero and Zoho CRM Integration
Sync Xero Seamlessly in a Click
Would you like to setup it in a click and see your Xero Invoices in Zoho? Due Dates, Payment Statuses, Balances and no needs to see Items but just totals?

Please use the Lite Edition. No any complicated sync or whatever. Setup in a minute and enjoy!

Need more? Send Invoices from Zoho to Xero. Sync your Items, Clients etc.

And at the same time keep the setup process as simple as possible - just a couple of clicks.

The Standard Edition is the right choice for Zoho CRM and Xero Integration.

Not only Invoices? Do you need to get synced more documents? Get your Zoho and Xero Quotes synced in one click. And dozens of other add-ons in Pro version.

Get an incredible flexibility with the Pro Edition of Xero and Zoho CRM Integration

Comparison Chart
Choose the Edition you need
Seeing Xero Invoices in Zoho
Export Zoho Invoices to Xero
Export Contacts and Products along Invoices
Sync Orders
by request
Any customization
by request

Less than 100 Invoices per month
$14 / mo
See your Xero Invoices in your Zoho CRM directly. Simple: totals and paid status.

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Larger volume of documents
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Invoices, Quotes and much more.
Any (!) customizations via paid add-ons.

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If you need to sync more than one Xero account please email us to get a quote
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How Many Invoices You Can Have Per Day (Avg.)
How Many Invoices You Can Have Per Day (Avg.)
How Many Invoices You Can Have Per Day (Avg.)
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