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I set Zoho MailChimp extension to integrate Zoho and MailChimp. Now all my MailChimp contacts go to Zoho as Contacts. However, I would like to get them in Zoho CRM not as Contacts but as Leads. Is it possible?


Yes. You need to change mapping settings a bit. Go to MailChimp tab > Mappings tab > Edit Button. Select Leads for a CRM Module. For MailChimp Settings set Email value for MailChimp Email and First Name value for MailChimp FirstName. That's it.


Step 1. Go to MailChimp tab > Mappings > Click the Edit button

Step 2. Select Leads for the Zoho CRM Module, set MailChimp Email and First Name, then Save
Step 3. Since in some browsers the settings can be set incorrectly, double-check it. For this:

· Not leaving the page, press Edit once again and check that Zoho CRM Module is Leads and MailChimp fields (Email etc.) are filled.

· If they are not, fill them again and click Save again

That's it.

When you sync it next time, your new Mailchimp subscribers will be uploaded in the Zoho CRM Leads module, not in the Contacts one. As the same time your old MailChimp subscribers will stay in Contact module. So, this changes will effect only new MailChimp subscribers

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